Martial Arts Instruction

An important part of knowing your energy body comes from knowing your physical body. Without control over your physical, tangible movements, attempting to know your energetic body’s movements is difficult at best.

To this end, Jeffrey Tyler is a 4th Dan member and Kyo Sa Nim in the Korean Martial Art Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan [the equivalent of a 4th degree black belt trained in instruction]. He assists Sa Bom Nim Ridlon [a 5th degree Master in the art] in an adaptive martial arts class at Courage Center in Golden Valley, MN.

Though many of the students at Courage Center are in wheelchairs, Soo Bahk Do can be adapted to make effective martial artists. This is done through focusing on the concentration and energy aspects of the art. Able-bodied students are accepted and encouraged at the school as well, creating a dynamic environment not seen in other martial arts classes.

If you are interested in training with Sa Bom Nim Ridlon and Kyo Sa Nim Tyler, contact Jeffrey through the contact page.



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